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Vaude Pro Tweezer

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How did we manage to create the perfect tweezers?

Hey there! My name is Kayla Joy and I am the owner and founder of Vaude Lashes (pronounced like v-odd) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Above all, I am an artist with a passion for beauty and the sophistication of femininity. It was only natural that I found myself in the salon industry, where I get to work primarily with women who are looking for strength or confidence. I love the power of change because it can reveal our ability to take on the world one day at a time. A few years ago, I decided to take my love of art, business, and attention to detail and combine them all into a vehicle that could help other lash artists. Vaude Lashes was born! Since eyelash extension is a growing and fresh industry, I realized that there are many opportunities to refine our products. I found that when I bought tweezers from several companies, sometimes they didn't work for my technique or the sweetpot/grip(or hold) was unreliable. I wanted to make tweezers that had better transparency and gave the customer a better choice, which is what we got. My primary goal in improving tweezers was to keep the health of the lash artist in mind while keeping in mind the best performance of the tweezers. The tweezers must feel good in our hands and pick up the tiny fibers we use. Vaude Lashes tweezers are unique because their precision is unmatched. With the manual testing phase of the tweezers, the customer can buy exactly the ones that suit their technique. You get to choose between two different Grips (middle and tip to center)! We classify tweezers based on their performance, so you always get transparency. Buying tweezers shouldn't be about making a random choice, but rather knowing that the tweezer will work for your chosen technique and lashes. That's why you always have the option to choose a sweet spot / grip with every tweezer!