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Laura's Beauty Boutique offers high-quality beauty care services in the center of Espoo, from classic and volume lashes to special effects. We have two eyelash technicians and there would be room for a third beauty professional! We also offer Barbara Black Lashes eyelash extension and mylamination lash and browlift permanent bending trainings in the capital region under the leadership of our eyelash trainer Laura. We sell products for professionals in the online store!

Our office is a calm and safe place where you can relax without worries!

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Our professional

Laura, the owner of the company, does eyelash extensions, volume lashes and mega volume, SoHenna brows, InLei Lash Filler permanent eyelash curling, InLei Brow Lift – brow shaping with several years of experience. He works as the main trainer of the LBB Academy brand, offering various lash and browlift trainings.

You can find our training offer on the training tab! And from LBB Academy's official website!

Cosmetologist/lash technician/nail technician, We have a place for you!


Do you want to learn how to make perfect and safe eyelashes?

What about MyLamination permanent bending and Brow Lift corner shaping?

At Laura's Beauty Boutique, you can also get all eyelash extension trainings as well as lashlift and browlift trainings led by our trainer Laura.

We sell the best products in our field, e.g. cleaning foams, washing brushes and other accessories. We act as resellers for the EFFECT and LOVELY eyelash extension brands. Also products professional products for professionals and consumer products for consumers. We ask for the y-ID.

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